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Armenian DC++ hub

Armenian DCplusplus hub

For connect to a hub adjust the program as follows.
1. Share 20GB files
2. Open 10 slots
Adres of armenian hub - hub.armtorrent.com
For connect to hub download DC++ client

After installantion

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Installation DC++ client

adjust follows
Click Ctrl + F3
Go to tab "Connection setting"

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Connection setting to armenian hub

Select firt mode if your computer is connected directly to the internet. Do not select if you have a router or any external firewall. If your computer is not behind a router all you have to do is to choose this option and usually you don't need to alter anything more in the connection settings. However, if you have a software firewall installed or built-in Windows firewall enabled, you may need further configuration in the firewall to allow Internet access for DC++.

Select second mode if you are behind a firewall/router that supports the UPnP standard for program auto-configuration. Most routers do support UPnP but you may need to enable it in the router's configuration page. This way DC++ will automatically open the ports it needs and obtain your external IP address as well. This mode is available only in Windows XP and newer operating systems. In case of problems there is a complete "guide to configuring and troubleshooting UPnP".

Select third mode if you are behind a firewall (router), and will set up the TCP, UDP and TLS port forwarding on your own. You will need to specify the external IP address of your router using the setting below if you want downloads to work properly. Use this mode only if the previous ones are not options for you. You can read the "Active mode guide" to get help how to set up manual port forwarding.

Select this mode if none of the previous Active mode options apply. In this mode, DC++ will not try to make inbound connections, only outbound ones. This mode carries some serious limitations: only 5 results per user will be returned in response to searches; you will not be able to download from other passive users; you may won't be able to search and/or download on certain hubs.

Go to tab "Sharing"
Add folder want to be sharing

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - To be sharing files for connect to armenian hub

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Add folder to be sharing

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Add folder to be sharing

Then begin the process of hashing
Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Files hashing

Make a number of open slots 10 or more, more Press "OK":

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - open slots 10 or more

On the main page click on "Star"

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Creating a favorite hub

Click "New"

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Create a new connection to the hub

Open window

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Complete the following information to connect the armenian hub

Should be filled as follows

Name     Armtorrent hub
Adress           hub.armtorrent.com
Description    Armenian hub

Nick              writte your nick  ник (if it is busy, enter the other. Busy or not learn in while you are connected to the hub)
Password         Enter your password
Description    Armenian hub

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - The completed form is to connect the armenian hub

Choose this hub and click "Connect":

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Connect to the armenian hub

After connecting to the right to see lists of users

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - List of members of the Armenian Hub

Double-click on the nick the user and get its list of file
Attention! If you two are in passive mode, you do not get a list of files and nothing will be able to pump each other. Icons users in passive mode has a brick wall.

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Get a list of files of user

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Get a list of files of user

In the file list, select the files that interest you and click download.

Armenian DCplusplus Hub - Downloading files from other users

Select a folder to save.
Don't forget to share the downloaded files
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